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Here are quotes from two separate Judges who wrote that MetLife’s consultant Dr. Gary Greenhood ignored two patients life threatening medical conditions !! Obama will not even ask Dr. Greenhood to stop doing this.
(1)        MetLife and Dr. Greenhood ignored MRI’s that show Ms. Jacquelyn Addis's brain lesions and Multiple Sclerosis.

 U.S. District Judge Honorable Timothy J. Savage wrote :
“MetLife relied almost exclusively upon the report of Dr. Gary Greenhood, an internist specializing in infectious diseases hired by MetLife, who did not examine Addis and did only a records review.”
“Dr. Greenhood selectively viewed Addis’s medical records, and MetLife then selectively adopted parts of Dr. Greenhood’s report to support denial of the claim.”

“Although the denial letter listed reports of several physicians, it relied exclusively on Dr. Greenhood, the internist it had retained, and gave little consideration to Addis’s treating neurologist, Dr. Tatarian. There is no discussion of the reports or findings of any of the other physicians who are listed.”

“Dr. Greenhood selectively extracted portions of Dr. Tatarian’s treatment notes to support his conclusions, which are contrary to those of Dr. Tatarian. At the same time, he ignores parts that bolster Addis’s complaints and support her doctor’s diagnosis and prognosis.”

“Dr. Greenhood states that there were no objectively abnormal findings in the materials he reviewed, creating the impression that the absence of such findings rules out a disabling condition. He also ignores the MRI reports evidencing MS, November 2, 2000, and December 9, 2003. To the contrary, Dr. Tatarian documents a variety of spinal problems; and, MRIs consistently showed the presence of lesions and plaque on the brain. Dr. Greenhood ignores Dr. Tatarian’s report of a positive Babinski sign, which is indicative of nerve damage consistent with Addis’s complaints of stumbling and falling.”

“Both MetLife and Dr. Greenhood ignored the Multiple Sclerosis Medical Source Statement of Functional Abilities and Limitations completed by Dr. Ana Lavdas, one of Addis’s treating doctors. Dr. Lavdas reported that her patient’s prognosis was poor and she had significant functional limitations. Among the symptoms were pain in the lower extremities, fatigue, weakness and shaking in lower and upper extremities, poor coordination, bladder and bowel problems, blurred vision, and other physical problems. She noted that Addis had “significant and persistent disorganization of motor function in two extremities resulting in sustained disturbance of gross and dexterous movement or gait and station.” Dr. Lavdas concluded that her patient was “unable to work,” and could not sustain a job.”

“Significantly, there is no discussion of the records of Doctors Lavdas, McDonald, Gray, Files and McCarel, which he lists as having been submitted to him. Dr. Greenhood simply ignores them.”

“MetLife assigned reconsideration of Addis’s claim to Tammi Phillips, who was not a physician and whose qualifications are unknown.” “Her assessment ignores Dr. Tatarian’s unequivocal diagnosis that Addis was suffering from “relapsing, remitting MS with possible repeat exacerbation.”

“Disturbing, in light of the clear evidence to the contrary, is Phillips’s conclusion that Dr. Tatarian did not provide “any specific restrictions and limitations” that would prevent Addis from performing her own job. On the contrary, Dr. Tatarian specifically recommended that due to her unpredictable weakness, fatigue, sphincter incontinence, visual difficulties, and cognitive problems, Addis could no longer work.”

Civil Action No. 05-357 in The United States District Court For The Eastern District Of Pennsylvania on March 30, 2006

(2)        U.S. District Judge Robert Cleland wrote that Metlife and their paid consultant Dr. Greenhood ignored a foot that Ms. Joanne Vick broke in 5 Places after she developed diabetic kytoacedosis following childbirth.

Here are two exact quotes Judge Cleland wrote in this case :

“Noticeably missing from Dr. Greenhood's report is any mention of Dr. Al-Kassab's November, 2001 office notes, Dr. Churchill's November 13, 2001 office notes, and Dr. Churchill's March 14, 2002 office notes. This is particularly significant in that Dr. Greenhood's August 2, 2004 report specifically noted that "[t]here is no indication of seizures or falls." Dr. Churchill's March 14, 2002 report, however, indicates that as a result of her right sided weakness, Plaintiff broke her left foot in January 2002--in five places, no less.”

“Moreover, both Dr. Greenhood’s and Dr. Gosline's reports contained numerous errors and inherent inconsistencies, which should have been noted by the plan administrator and resulted in less weight being given to them. (E.D. Michigan, Southern Division. No. 03-CV-73124-DT

(end of quotes)

Obama and his DOL and DOJ Directors will not even ask MetLife and Dr. Greenhood to stop ignoring Multiple Sclerosis and broken feet !!

Part Two

Dr. Greenhood and MetLife also ignored my eye cancer symptoms. U.S. Magistrate Judge Bryant's quotes confirm MetLife concealed Dr. Greenhood’s reports from me for years while I often had no money for medical treatment !!

Years later MetLife meticulously filed Greenhood’s reports in Federal Court so they could use them to their advantage when the lawsuit was filed.

For Judge Bryant’s quotes you can view the extensive evidence seen at the following website. Please don't click on this link before reviewing all the corporate crimes that are seen in the evidence I sent to Congressional Committees.  

Barry Schmittou

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  1. We have to ask ourselves how this could go on in America of all places.Our daughter-in-law has Multiple Sclerosis and all the medical problems that go along with it. How does an insurance co,and Dr. ignore and conceal a patients records? Barry Schmittou has gone to great lengths to show us how it was done and I'm outraged by this. Everyone should wake up and bring awareness to these criminal acts by the very people we put our trust in. Is there no justice in America, I think not.